Why register with us?

We believe in exploring different classes of food and make it easy for all the food lovers to get what the
desire and what they deserve in terms of food at the ease.you just have to click and you will get the food
you want on your doorsteps and that too without putting a hole in your pocket.

Let’s find out what’s there in the platter for the food servers and the food lovers.

  • For the food servers we are providing a digital face    (personal website) for their respective restaurants.
  • We help you to put your digital imprints on the globe    using one of the best ways i.e. google maps.
  • We are providing the safest and secure payment    platform for different mode of payments and we are    using SMS verification system for authentications
  • We are providing personal admin panels for    registered restaurants which is fully dynamic, easy to    operate and ready to work on every gadget.